The AdmiralBet ABA Basketball Fantasy has come to an end and we have the best teams of the season revealed, as well as the prize winners for the regular season.

Deni Bjelobradić of Bol has proven himself to be a true AdmiralBet ABA Basketball Fantasy mastermind, since his team Oćalinko took the first place, with the total score of 4130.

For the first place, Deni Bjelobradić will be rewarded with a trophy for the Regular season winner and 1000 € of the free bet bonus at AdmiralBet.

All prize winners for AdmiralBet ABA Basketball Fantasy season are:

1st place (4130 points): Deni BjeloBradić (nickname Lini tovar) - 1000 € of free bet bonus at AdmiralBet and official Spalding basketball
2nd place (4082 points): Berta Bjelobradić (nickname Francekovi ortaci) – 500 € of free bet bonus at AdmiralBet
3rd place (4079 points): Johnny Cockhran (nickname JohnnyC) - 300 € of free bet bonus at AdmiralBet
4th place (4077 points): Nikša Bjelobradić (nickname Morski vuk) - 200 € of free bet bonus at AdmiralBet
5th place (4042 points): Dragan Kljajić (nickname kljaja73) - 100 € of free bet bonus at AdmiralBet

ABA League congratulates them on the season’s achievements and invites you all to join the ABA Basketball Fantasy again next season!