Due to the disqualification of Koper Primorska from the ABA League 2020/21 season, a change will be made to the ABA Basketball Fantasy rules. Koper Primorska players will no longer receive any scores for their games, that have been initially scheduled, since the games are now cancelled.

As of the ABA Basketball Fantasy Round 12, Koper Primorska players will be eliminated from the ABA Basketball Fantasy and since they will no longer play any ABA League game this season anymore, they will no longer receive their average score for their games, that were initially scheduled for each ABA League round.

For all of the other teams, there will be no changes in counting the player’s scores. The players, whose teams will not play their games in the same week as it has been initially planned, (including the teams, that should have faced Koper Primorska in each single round) will continue to receive their average scores as their round scores.